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Psst…be sure to grab the worksheet that goes along with this post to make things super easy!  Now on to the good stuff:

We want to change so much about ourselves and our lives, and we swear we’ll make it happen.  We draw a line in the sand and say:

“Ok, starting Monday…

  • …I’ll go to the gym three times a week.”
  • …I’ll drink more water.”
  • …I’ll spend time on marketing and business development every Friday.”
  • …I’ll bring in my own healthy lunch.”
  • …I’ll bill my time as I go and not play catch-up at the end of the week.”
  • …I’ll take a break to go for a walk during the day.”

You get the idea.

But so often, we don’t make the changes we planned on, or we do for a little while, then the habit fades.  Then, we catch ourselves saying “Ok, next Monday for real!”  or  “I’ll start clean next week.”  Repeat.

So, why do we get stuck in this loop?  Why don’t these changes stick? [click to continue…]

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