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  1. Women In Law Issue of Law Practice Today
  2. Communication Techniques for Women in the Workplace
  3. Sticking to a 40-Hour Week
  4. Work-Life Checks and Balances
  5. Four Common Obstacles Faced by Women Lawyers


1. Women In Law Issue of Law Practice Today.  The February issue of Law Practice Today is a Women in Law issue, featuring topics such as negotiating for yourself and asking for more, mentoring, solo success stories, implicit bias, and more.

2. Communication Techniques for Women in the Workplace.  Huffington Post tackles the “impossible choice between being assertive and perceived as pushy or being conciliatory and perceived as weak” by talking to Breaking Through Bias authors Andie and Al about navigating that choice, figuring out if a job will really provide support and opportunities, and how to approach a conversation at work when you are not being treated fairly.  They also touch on “mind priming,” apologizing, posture, and whether we should act like men.

3. Sticking to a 40-Hour Week.   Tips for keeping to a 40-hour week, including figuring out where your time is going, planning your day in advance, and avoiding multitasking.

4. Work-Life Checks and Balances.  ForbesWoman shares this reminder: “You cannot attend every event, every meeting, and every unhappy hour. You cannot support every cause, solve every crisis, and teach every lesson. You cannot be everything to everyone at all times. You cannot pick up all the slack that other people obliviously drop at your feet. If you attempt to do all that, you will snap in half. It will be ugly.” and suggests setting boundaries and putting some “checks” in place on your time and energy.

5. Four Common Obstacles Faced by Women Lawyers.  Over at Ms. JD, Joyce Smithey summarizes these obstacles that women lawyers often face: gender discrimination (including peers and clients making assumptions based on gender), work-life balance, sexual harassment (including comments on physical appearance), and pay inequity.



  1. Gaslighting (People Making You Think You’re Imagining Gender Bias)
  2. NAWL Book Club
  3. How to Say No to Extra Tasks
  4. 2017 Women Lawyers Events
  5. Declines in Diversity


1.  Gaslighting (People Making You Think You’re Imagining Gender Bias).  Breaking Through Bias authors discuss “gaslighting” as applied to gender bias, i.e., when others (sometimes unconsciously) make you think that you’re imagining gender bias – and perhaps overreacting to it or exaggerating an issue.  The article includes examples of language that clue you in to this problem, such as “You’re being too sensitive,” “You can’t take a joke,” or “We always promote the best candidate.”  Even better, the authors share what to do in those situations (like pause for a reality check), what not to do (like second-guess yourself), and even offer a downloadable tip sheet. [click to continue…]

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