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  1. National Association of Women Lawyers 2016 Annual Meeting
  2. More Women Lawyer Events This Summer
  3. Including Solo and Small Firm Women Lawyers in Tackling Diversity
  4. Bar Exam Time is Upon Us
  5. Dealing with Doubt


1. NAWL Annual Meeting.  The 2016 NAWL Annual Meeting was held in NYC last week.  Head here for quick Twitter coverage of some great take-aways.

2. More Women Lawyer Events This Summer.  The ABA annual meeting is next month in San Francisco, as is the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations (NCWBA) Leadership Summit and the ABA Women’s Caucus (Sunday, August 7th from 2:15 – 4:30 p.m. at the Moscone Center West, rooms 3018/3020).

3. Including Solo and Small Firm Women Lawyers in Tackling Diversity.  Carolyn over at MyShingle makes an argument for including more solo and small firm women lawyers in conversations aimed at addressing diversity and gender equity issues and pointing out the lessons those attorneys could teach other women lawyers to help them advance.

4. Bar Exam Time is Upon Us.  Bar exams are this week – remember to send your best wishes to all those soon-to-be-lawyers who will be coming out of hiding soon!

5. Dealing with Doubt.  Over at Ms. JD, Tristin Brown suggests you remind yourself of 4 things to help deal with doubt, fear, and that pesky Imposter Syndrome issue, including that thing where we sometimes “in an attempt to massage the egos, feelings, and hearts of others reduce our own brilliance.”  Also, don’t forget how amazing you really are.


  1. Women Lawyers Events at the ABA Annual Meeting
  2. Breaking Through Bias Book Released
  3. How Millennials Are Changing the Legal Workplace
  4. Ideas for Advancing Diversity in Big Law
  5. NCWBA GOOD Guys Toolkit Now Available


1. ABA Annual Meeting.  If you’re planning to be at the annual meeting this summer, check out some of the awesome events focused on celebrating and helping women lawyers, such as the Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award, the inspiring Women’s Caucus held right after, or the amazing National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations (NCWBA) Leadership Summit.  I look forward to seeing you there!

2. Breaking Through Bias Book.  Andie and Al‘s book has now been released!  Get your copy here.

3. How Millennials Are Changing the Legal Workplace.  Nicole Abboud digs into what millennials value in the workplace, including a job that fits well into one’s life, mentors, professional development, leadership opportunities, and giving back.

4. Ideas for Advancing Diversity in Big Law.  ATL shares four “concrete tips” for improving diversity and inclusion in the legal profession: 1) Focus on how diversity is good for business; 2) Track diversity data; 3) Back it up by tying diversity measures to compensation; and 4) Provide better diversity training, including an effort to correct well-intentioned but harmful behavior.

5. NCWBA GOOD Guys Toolkit Now Available.  NCWBA launched the GOOD Guys (GOOD = Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity) program a little while back and now has a GOOD Guys toolkit to help organizations, such as women’s bar associations and other groups, host their own GOOD Guys events.  The toolkit is available here.  The GOOD Guys program was “designed to appeal to men, honor their efforts, engage them, and provide information about…efforts to advance diversity, education about bias disruptors and diversity initiatives, and examples of the incredible positive impact diversity has on a corporation’s social responsibility and profitability.”

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