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Hi there, I’m Kate, Welcome to Women Lawyers News (WLN)!  Here you can quickly keep track of resources, organizations, and conversations to help women lawyers.  Even better, I’m here to help with things that are bugging you so you can make every day better and feel balanced and amazing.

Two main things you can expect here at WLN:

First, so many of us are struggling to find joy in our day-to-day, to balance, to keep up, and to de-stress.  Being an attorney is amazing, but it’s not easy.  The truth is, you shouldn’t have to do it all on your own.  You should have some help.  That’s exactly what you can expect here at WLN.  

Second, there are lots of great resources out there.  You probably have one or two favorites of your own..  BUT wouldn’t it be even better if you could draw on the best of all the awesome resources available?   I think so, but I know you’re busy, so WLN is following them for you and sharing the best with you.

Plus, you’ll get some great extra stuff along the way too.


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